A Self Defense Umbrella?

Defendyourselfeasily.com tends to focus on items that are strong on personal protection and low on the weirdo factor. There are a lot of personal protection products on the market that appear too scary. None of them pass what I like to call the stranger test. The defensive tool we will discuss today definitely, passes the stranger test and packs a punch to be sure. Don’t let its appearance fool you, this is a serious tool for personal safety.

The Stranger Test

What is the stranger test? The stranger test is simply this — take your personal protection tool(s) of choice, put them on a table, and leave the room. Now, have any number of strangers come into the room and form an opinion about you as a person based on what you carry for self-defense and personal safety. It’s kind of an eye-opening experience.

What does a stranger think of your stun gun or your brass-knuckle folding knife? What do strangers think of your pepper spray or expandable baton? You might say, “it’s my life and I don’t have to answer to a stranger about how I choose to protect myself!” That is certainly true until you use your tool(s) to defend yourself. Now you will most certainly come face-to-face with some strangers that will definitely form judgments about who you are, your intent and your character based on what you carry. This group of strangers is called a jury.

Protection From Bad Elements

Umbrellas always fly under the radar. As a kid, I remember always wanting to use an umbrella as a shield, a sword or a gun and getting in trouble for it. I think that’s one of the reasons we don’t ever question an umbrella, anywhere — it feels childish. The problem with most umbrellas is that they are frail things. A good stiff wind will flip them embarrassingly inside out. Sitting on one in a cab or on a train will almost always render it useless. If you were to use a regular umbrella for self-defense you’d probably get one good whack and that would be it.

The Unbreakable Umbrella seeks to change all of that. Durable construction for a great “brolly” meets sleek and powerful engineering for personal safety. If you have your doubts about durability, strength and defensive legitimacy then check out this brief video of a Hapkido instructor using the Unbreakable Umbrella in his class:

Jab, Strike & Poke the Bear

The instructor above in the video is a trained Hapkido practitioner and he uses the umbrella mainly for traps, grabs, and flips. These are great techniques, however, an average person cannot do them without significant training. This violates the three rules of defendyourselfeasily.com — easy to learn, easy to use, easy to defend (legally speaking). The video does an excellent job of demonstrating the durability, quality and combat potential of the Unbreakable Umbrella but does not give you easy to use techniques that anyone can execute.

The simplest techniques that you can use the Unbreakable Umbrella for, and possibly the most powerful are jabbing, poking and striking. I studied Cane Masters several years ago and I have many techniques that I can use from that discipline that apply quite readily to the Unbreakable Umbrella. From that training, I know that straight line attacks, whether they be a jabbing, poking kind of motion or moving the cane/umbrella straight up and down with two hands are very effective defensive motions.

Check out this old photo of Bartitsu cane defense pioneered by E.W. Barton-Wright. These ideas and techniques aren’t new by any standard. There is a wide body of stick fighting, cane fighting, “gentlemanly defensive arts” and even many long-sword “Fechtbuch” techniques that will work well with the Unbreakable Umbrella.

If you are looking for a bit of study material to supplement the basic use of a self defense umbrella consider these books. Raising Cane – The Unexpected Martial Art and Stick Self-Defense – Kelly Worden’s Defensive Walking Cane. These are great introductions to cane and umbrella fighting techniques. For more advanced instruction I recommend Cane Masters Instructional Video Series: The Cane Street Techniques.

Bartitsu Cane Defense

Bartitsu Cane Defense


De Fechtbuch Talhoffer

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Jabbing, poking, and striking can take a toll on an attacker but you will need some targets. I like lower targets for opening moves for many reasons. The simplest reason is that is probably where the pointy end is at. If you are holding the umbrella cross-body then you have other opening targets available. Jabbing into a thigh, groin, or stomach is a real attention getter. The key is to drive the hard point of the umbrella repeatedly into an unsuspecting squishy part on the assailant. Don’t stop at one strike. Thigh, groin, back of the neck! Strike, now!

Look at the point on this umbrella! Also pictured is an aftermarket rubber tip designed for hiking poles (fits perfectly) that can be added if you use your Unbreakable Umbrella as a walking stick. That factory point would *hurt.* It’s got the focus of a Kubotan and the force profile of a bayonet. This will leave some poor sucker “singing in the rain” to be sure.

Unbreakable Umbrella Point

Unbreakable Umbrella Point

Two-Hands On the Brolly!

Hock Hochheim two handed stick grip

Hock Hochheim two-handed stick grip

When fighting with a medium length stick, cane or defensive umbrella keep both hands on that thing. Take a look at my buddy Hock Hochheim’s two handed grip. This the correct way to use a stick with two hands. People make a lot of mistakes when they get a stick in their hands. The deadliest part of a stick weapon is the last 3 inches in either hand. When you see someone holding a stick in one hand with the long end back and a short striking surface pointed out, look out!

This two-handed grip gives you sweeping block capability, three striking points (two ends and the center) and a large force multiplier. You can do all of these techniques with the Unbreakable Umbrella. Consider this difference — swinging a stick at someone’s head with one hand vs. a two-handed jab to the temple or throat, or a two handed strike upwards to the jaw with the middle of the stick. Which one do you think is going to put your attacker down harder?

Don’t forget: double hands — double force — double defense. Keep two hands on that brolly! And if you are interested in getting some real-world knife, stick and gun training, as well as unarmed combat that actually works, pay Hock a visit over at forceneccesary.com. He is one of the few (and I do mean few) instructors that I fully endorse, 100%. He’s a good egg that guy.


Fake Umbrellas Abound!

Unbreakable Umbrella Logo

Unbreakable Umbrella

Don’t be fooled by imitations of the Unbreakable Umbrella and there are several. The Indestructible Umbrella is not of comparable quality and neither is the Self-Defense Umbrella. Be sure that you purchase a real, Unbreakable Umbrella. I have linked to the Unbreakable Umbrella on Amazon, sold by Unbreakable Umbrella directly but fulfilled by Amazon throughout this article and it’s Prime eligible (nice!). Once you receive your umbrella be sure to check it’s authenticity against these markers (provided by Unbreakable Umbrella) within 30 days of purchase.

Singin’ in the Rain…

You can walk with confidence through the streets, through TSA, through your daily commute and through a rainy day with the Unbreakable Umbrella. At the end of the day, this is one rugged and well-built umbrella. It may be the last umbrella you ever need to purchase. besides keeping you dry, it can also keep you safe. That is a great combo in my book.